Macular degeneration is a leading cause of blindness in the world. It has two forms- dry and wet.

Dry macular degeneration occurs when lipids, minerals, and proteins accumulate in the back of the eye underneath the retina. These deposits are called “drusen”, the German word for pebble. Drusen are believed to develop from oxidative stress and inflammation, two of the root causes of macular degeneration.

As drusen increase in number, inflammation may progress and ultimately lead to leakage of fluid, proteins, and blood. If this happens, dry macular degeneration has transformed into the wet form.

For people familiar with the terms “leaky gut” or “leaky brain”, wet macular degeneration is a form of “leaky eye” syndrome. The end result can be blindness from central vision loss.

People with macular degeneration have difficulty reading, driving, using a device, and most importantly, seeing the faces of their loved ones.

Macular degeneration can be a potentially devastating disease. It can rob people of their functioning and independence. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent vision loss and fight against blindness using an integrative approach based on eye-smart nutrition and lifestyle choices. 

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