Richard, 58

– Michele, 59

– Giselle, 28

I have rarely has such a perfect experience, and I’ve been to a zillion doctors. The pleasantness, sensitivity, kindness, helpfulness, thoughtfulness, professionalism were all amazing and deeply reassuring.

– Sammy, 64


I was very pleased with my experience with Dr. Banik. I was having troubles with my eye and had been to numerous doctors concerning it and no one was able to treat it, except Dr. Banik. By the second visit, my eye problem had vanished. She was very caring and professional, and I would highly recommend Dr. Banik. I am truly grateful for her!!

– Jason, 19 

Dr. Banik is special. Yes, she’s exceptionally trained, but more than that, she is unhurried when treating you, thorough in explaining her findings, and willingly answers questions. My condition is somewhat rare, and treating it is an art, not just a science. Dr. Banik has achieved exceptional outcomes for me when others could not. I am privileged to have found her.

– Adam, 59

Dr. Banik is exceptionally thorough, gentle and skilled. She took the time to evaluate my case and make recommendations that no one other physician would. Thanks to Dr. Banik, I am free of headaches that plagued me for months.

– Vanessa, 43

Dr. Banik impressed me with her meticulous and sympathetic approach to my ocular migraines. After comprehensive testing and extensive discussion with me she prescribed two supplements which appear to have significantly mitigated the frequency of the incidence.

– Jacqueline, 58

Dr. Banik is fantastic. She is not only extremely knowledgeable and brings her great expertise to her patients, but she is also a doctor who truly cares about her patients. Her follow-up with me, her accessibility and her thoroughness have been exemplary!

– Robert, 73

I had seen many different types of doctors to resolve the mystery of losing my sight in the right eye and slowly losing my sight in the left eye. Dr. Banik scheduled an MRI that was specific to my issues. She concluded that I had optic neuropathy caused by radiation and came up with a treatment plan to save the sight in my left eye. Almost two years have passed and my left eye has stabilized. All the credit of course goes to Dr. Banik. Many thanks.

– Leonardo, 56

Dr. Banik provides exceptional eye care. She conducts comprehensive examinations and is well versed in many areas of ophthalmology. Dr. Banik is very knowledgeable and shares complex information in a way that is easy to understand. Dr. Banik is attentive with a welcoming nature that encourages her patients to ask questions. She is professional and works in the best interest of her patients.

– Amelia, 41

I am so pleased with the excellent care that I have received from Dr. Banik. She has treated me for thyroid eye disease for over two years. She is professional, extremely thorough and knowledgeable. I’ve been so impressed with her treatment plan for me that when she left Mt. Sinai to start her own practice, I followed her. I highly recommend her. She is awesome!

– Amy, 54

Dr. Banik is fabulous! Very professional. Thorough exam. Diagnosed the problem quickly. I like Dr. Banik’s holistic approach to treatment, vitamins, minerals, and essential oils as first line of treatment.

– Carole, 47

Very informative & made me feel well taken care of. Explained everything in great detail that was easy for me to understand. Her staff was also very helpful & extremely pleasant. Wonderful experience!

– Marco, 76

I appreciate the thoroughness, skill, patience, and consideration given me by Dr. Banik during my recent appointment. I would enthusiastically recommend her care.

 – Nora, 78

She thoroughly explains everything as well as uses non-drug solutions when possible.

– Chris, 55

I appreciated all the patience, careful examination, communication, and   thought during the visit.  

– Angie, 46 

Dr. Banik listened and addressed my concerns in a thorough, professional, and compassionate way. Thank you!

 – John, 32

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with my vision problem. I went to pick up my glasses and can finaly see clear with no double vision. I can’t describe how much this means to me. I am so grateful.

– Donna, 28

I simply love Dr. Banik!

– Monica, 35 

Fabulous doctor. Thorough and told me what was going on. Truly appreciated.

 – Melinda, 42

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