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Dr. Banik has curated a list of supplements for migraine prevention. She has found these to be most effective, not only for herself, but also for hundreds of her patients.


Magnesium has been shown in clinical studies to reduce the frequency of severity of migraine and headache syndromes.  There are many formulations of magnesium which are available, and it is important you choose one which has the best brain penetration.

Magnesium salts, such as oxide, malate, or citrate, are easily found over the counter and are relatively inexpensive.  However, these salts are more beneficial for gut issues, such as constipation. They may not work as well for the brain.

Instead, Dr. Banik has found that magnesium formulations when coupled with amino acids, such as L-threonate or glycinate, work better for migraine.  In fact, magnesium L-threonate is the only magnesium shown in a study to cross the blood-brain barrier. These magnesium formulations also tend not to cause gastrointestinal side effects compared with the salts.

Here are Dr. Banik’s 2 best recommendations for pharmaceutical-grade magnesium formulations from trusted manufacturers.**


**Note- Dr. Banik recommends taking only one magnesium formulation at a time, not both.


In patients with chronic migraine, it is believed that mitochondria are not functioning properly. Mitochondria are the energy-producing organelles within every living cell. It is important to support mitochondrial health and function through proper nutrition and perhaps even supplementation.

Several B vitamins are essential for mitochondrial health and energy production. Riboflavin (B2) is an essential co-factor in a biochemical reaction necessary to produce energy. Studies have shown that supplementation with high dose riboflavin (B2) may decrease headache severity and frequency.

Some patients with migraine may also have issues with energy production due to a genetic defect in methylation, called MTHFR gene. In such cases, Dr. Banik has found that supplementation with methylated B vitamins such as folate and B-12 can be of benefit.

Here are Dr. Banik’s 2 best recommendations for pharmaceutical-grade riboflavin as well as a methylated B-complex from trusted manufacturers.** 

**Note- Dr. Banik recommends taking only one B-Vitamin formulation at a time, not both.

Essential Oils

Dr. Banik has found that essential oils in the form of aromatherapy can be very effective for patients with chronic migraine and headache. Essential oils may be applied topically to the forehead, temples, nape of neck, and shoulders to ease tension. They may also be vaporized and inhaled. 

These are two of Dr. Banik’s favorite essential oils- peppermint and lavender.  Other oils which may be used include frankincense and eucalyptus. It may be necessary to try various combinations to see which is best for you.

A few words of caution:

-Some migraineurs are very sensitive to certain smells and may not be able to tolerate aromatherapy with essential oils.

-If applied topically, be sure to dilute the essential oils by at least 50-75% to avoid skin irritation. Use a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut.

-Be sure to avoid any eye contact as that will lead to significant irritation and burning.

Light Sensitivity

Many patients with migraine as well as other headache syndromes are very light sensitive.  This may be to sunlight or to artificial light, such as fluorescent light, LEDs, or CFLs. The exact mechanism of light sensitivity is not yet well understood.  Also, treatment can be challenging, since most medications used for migraine do not get to the root of the problem.

Fortunately, Dr. Banik has found two solutions for light sensitivity which work very well for her as well as her patients. 

The first is a specially tinted lens called an FL-41 lens which blocks out specific wavelength of light which trigger light sensitivity. This has been clinically proven to improve symptoms in patients with migraine. Please click the link on the right to find out more about FL-41 tinted lenses.

The second solution is for those who are light sensitive when on digital screens. There is a screen filter app called “Iris” which blocks out the flicker rate of the screen and can also block out blue light emitted by screens.

The app has 27 possible settings which may be tried.You can download the app to your device or computer by clicking the link to the right.

Iris - Blue light filter for Eye Protection

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