Migraine and Headache

Having cared for thousands of patients with Migraine and Headache, Rudrani Banik, M.D. is an expert in both natural and pharmaceutical therapies.

Dr. Banik guides her patients using a step-by-step approach to manage their migraine and headache symptoms naturally, without relying on prescription medicines. Over 75% of patients experience improvement in their headache severity and frequency.

Since the founding of her practice, Dr. Banik has helped thousands of her patients heal from the suffering caused by migraine and other headache syndromes. She guides her patients through her regimen for natural headache management, with the goal of a better quality of life.

To access some of Dr. Banik’s Migraine and Headache Resources, including a video of her migraine seminar as well as her curated list of supplements and products for migraine prevention,  please click HERE.

Whether Rudrani Banik, MD is the first doctor you are visiting for migraine and headache treatment, or simply the last one, Dr. Banik will make sure she does everything in her power to find an effective treatment to help you feel and function better.

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