Computers, Digital Devices, and Eye Strain

We live in a digital world, and most of us spend hours a day on our screens, whether it be a computer, smartphone, tablet, or television. Fortunately, staring at digital devices for long periods won’t cause permanent eye damage.

However, your eyes may feel uncomfortable.  You may develop blurry vision, fatigue, or eye strain. Some people feel a scratchy or dry sensation in their eyes, while other may experience headaches or motion sickness when viewing 3-D. Redness, tearing, and light sensitivity are other common complaints which may be induced by hours of screen exposure.

If you experience any of these symptoms of digital eye strain, Dr. Banik needs to perform a complete ophthalmologic exam. She will determine if the underlying issue is refractive error (need for a glasses precsription), corneal dryness, or a problem with using both eyes together (which can affect depth perception and focusing). Rarely, she may uncover something more serious.

Contact lens wearers and those who need reading glasses require closer attention to tease out the true factor(s) which may underlie their digital eye strain.

Whether the practice of Rudrani Banik, MD is the first ophthalmology office you are visiting for eye treatment, or simply the last one, Dr. Banik will make sure she does everything in her power to find an effective treatment to help you see better and feel more comfortable.