Chelsea Jimenez, BSc

Chelsea has a strong interest in health and wellness from a very young age. She believes that overall wellness should be everyone’s first priority. In high school Chelsea struggled with being overweight which led to many other health issues. It pushed her to take matters into her own hands; with lots of research she learned how to manage her health status and believes that it starts with what you put into your body as well as your surroundings.

Her interest pushed her towards receiving a B.Sc in Health Promotion Management at the City University of New York, York College. She loves helping others and is committed to help them realize their potential in achieving their best health. Chelsea believes in an integrative approach to wellness. She interned a hospital working with the employees to help manage all aspects of wellness. She has also worked in ophthalmology which sparked a deeper interest in overall health.

Chelsea is now excited to be working with Rudrani Banik, M.D. as her patient care coordinator. Her role is to be a patient liaison and advocate. She assists patients with any questions and concerns.

In her free time Chelsea enjoys reading up on new research in Health Sciences and nutrition, she loves exercising and challenging herself to new workouts.

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