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Cold or flu are very common during the winter season. If you frequently experience migraines, you may be battling a head cold and migraine simultaneously.  Here are some essential items for the winter season – 

1. VapoRub or Peppermint Essential Oil

Vick’s VapoRub is an old-school home remedy for head pain.  Apply this to the temples or back of the neck to produce a pain-relieving tingle.  Peppermint oil can also be diluted and applied to the back of the skull to help with migraines.  Both Vick’s VapoRub and peppermint oil are helpful when inhaled through stuffy sinuses.

2.  A Hot Shower

Heat and moisture help relieve sinus pressure.  A hot shower can be helpful in relieving cold and migraine symptoms.

3.  On Over-The-Counter Pain Reliever Such As Ibuprofen, Naproxen, And Acetaminophen.

OTC pain relievers can help with pain and inflammation of migraine and the flu. 

However, make sure that you don’t rely on these too often. Try to limit their use to no more than 2-3 times a week, otherwise they can lead to medication overuse headache.

4.  A Cup Of Hot Tea

Relieve your migraine and cold symptoms with a cup of tea.  If your migraines give you a stomach ache, peppermint and ginger tea contain properties that help with nausea.  If caffeine helps with your migraines, drink black or green tea.

5.  Distract Yourself With A Relaxing Hobby

Distract yourself with your favorite book, creative activity, or other form of entertainment.  Distraction is helpful in relieving migraines and cold symptoms.

6.  A Bowl Of Your Favorite Soup

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Having your favorite hot soup is a nourishing way to fight a cold and soothe a sore throat.

7.  Vitamin C

Increasing your intake of vitamin C when you first get a cold won’t keep you from getting sick, but it will help you get well faster.  Fighting a cold and migraine simultaneously is draining so anything that will help shorten it is helpful.  Drinking a cup of hot water with a slice of lemon and a spoonful of honey will also provide relief.

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