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Entrust your precious vision and brain health to an experienced and compassionate ophthalmologist,  

Rudrani Banik, M.D.  

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Rudrani Banik, M.D.

is beyond an Eye Doctor. 

Dr. Banik specializes in Ophthalmology, Neuro-Ophthalmology, and Headache.  She has created a Center of Excellence using her unique approach to vision health and wellness.

Dr. Banik is internationally known for her expertise in ophthalmic and neuro-ophthalmic care. She manages a wide spectrum of conditions affecting vision, as well as the complex connections between the eye and brain. She combines traditional medical and surgical treatments of the eye with nutritional and lifestyle approaches for a more integrated, holistic approach to vision and brain health.

Dr. Banik has won many awards including Castle Connolly Top Doctor and New York Magazine Best Doctor. She is frequently featured in the media as an expert in the field.

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Featured In

Dr. Banik was featured in The New York Times by her patient, Op-Ed Columnist, Frank Bruni.

Dr. Banik was interviewed by CBS Evening News on her pivotal research in Eye Stroke.

Dr. Banik was interviewed by Fox5’s Ernie Anastos on the safety of Virtual Reality gaming systems in children.

Dr. Banik’s Services


As a practicing ophthalmologist and certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology, Rudrani Banik, M.D. manages the entire spectrum of  medical and surgical diseases of the eye.  Dr. Banik prioritizes preventative strategies including nutrition, supplements, and natural methods to preserve and maintain vision.


Rudrani Banik, M.D. is fellowship- trained in Neuro-Ophthalmology, a complex sub-specialty which deals with all the connections between the brain and the visual system. She expertly diagnoses and treats some of the most serious and potentially blinding conditions, some of which may even be life-threatening.

Headache and Migraine

Having cared for thousands of patients with Headache and Migraine, Rudrani Banik, M.D. is an expert in both natural and pharmaceutical therapies. As a migraine sufferer herself, Dr. Banik understands the pain and suffering of her patients, and is determined to help them find relief.

Functional Medicine

Dr. Banik’s practice was founded to revolutionize the treatment of eye and brain health using Functional Medicine principles of prevention and long-term wellness. She recommends customized diet plans and lifestyle changes for improved vision, cognitive function, and overall health.

Clinical Research

Rudrani Banik, M.D. is an Associate Professor and researcher. She is dedicated to finding new treatments for potentially vision-threatening conditions. She is at the cutting-edge of research as the Principal Investigator for several clinical trials in Neuro-Ophthalmology.


At the practice of Rudrani Banik, MD, Dr. Banik believes that aesthetics is an important part of health as well. Looking your best helps you feel your best. She offers her patients cosmetic services upon request, including facial wrinkle treatment as well as eyelash thickening.

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In Her Patients’ Own Words…

I have rarely had such a perfect experience, and I’ve been to a zillion doctors. The pleasantness, sensitivity, kindness,helpfulness, thoughtfulness, professionalism were all amazing and deeply reassuring.

– Sammy, 64  

Dr. Banik is exceptionally thorough, gentle and skilled. She took the time to evaluate my case and make recommendations that no one other physician would. Thanks to Dr. Banik, I am free of headaches that plagued me for months.

– Vanessa, 43

Dr. Banik is special. Yes, she’s exceptionally trained, but more than that, she is unhurried, thorough, and  answers questions. My condition is rare, and treating it is an art, not just a science. Dr. Banik has achieved exceptional outcomes for me when others could not. I am privileged to have found her.

– Adam, 59

I was referred to Dr. Banik by the former chief of  Neuro-Ophthalmology at Yale who gave Dr. Banik the highest recommendation.

I was having trouble with my distance vision. After a very careful and thorough eye exam, Dr. Banik correctly diagnosed the issue: I needed cataract surgery. Dr. Banik performed the surgery. Recovery from the surgery was easy and my vision is much improved.

I have happily and enthusiastically recommended Dr. Banik to family and friends. Everyone who has seen her is delighted with Dr. Banik’s careful eye exam and expertise. She is a very caring medical professional.

– Amy, 65  

Dr. Banik is the light at the end of the tunnel.

My right eye was very red for a long time. After being misdiagnosed and treated by a group of ophthalmologists for a long time without any improvement, I was lucky enough to seek the help of Dr. Banik.

At first glance, she diagnosed the case as a fistula. After treatment with coils, my problem was immediately resolved.

My great appreciation to Dr. Banik.

– Rafael, 73

Dr Banik is lovely and the first doctor to really listen to my needs. She is very gentle and the results were fantastic!

I would recommend her highly. I will keep going to her in the future.

– Kathy, 32

Dr. Banik’s Blogs on Vision and Brain Health

Cataract Prevention with Vision Superfoods

Cataracts are a natural part of aging. They develop when the lens inside our eye becomes cloudy. Though cataracts may occur at any age, even in children, the likelihood of developing cataracts is higher as we get older. In fact, most people have some degree of...

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Dry Eye- Find Out The Real Problem with LipiScan®

There are two forms of Dry Eye disease. Are you treating the right one?   Dry Eye occurs when the eyes do not produce sufficient tears or the tears evaporate too quickly. Without proper treatment, inadequate tears can make daily activities frustrating, affecting your...

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Migraine- When Medications Don’t Work…

Did you know that 1 out of 10 people have a history of migraine? That's a staggering number, over 33 million people in the US alone! With those odds, you or someone you know, such as a family member, friend, or coworker, suffers from debilitating migraine. Why is this...

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What is Integrative Ophthalmology?

When I introduce myself to patients as an Integrative Ophthalmologist specializing in Functional Medicine, I often get quizzical looks. The response is usually, “I’ve never heard of that before! What exactly do you do?”

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Cataract- Find out if You are at Risk

It’s a fact of life- if you live long enough, you’ll get a cataract. Just like needing reading glasses or getting wrinkles, cataracts are an inevitable part of the aging process. So what exactly is a cataract? Let’s start with some Eye Anatomy 101-     We all have a...

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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder- Eye Make-Up Tips

The eyes are a focus of beauty and expression. Whether you use mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, or eyelash extensions to enhance your eyes, eye make-up can make or break your look. But are these products really safe to put so close to your precious organs of sight?...

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Take The First Step Towards Better Vision and Health

Perhaps you have some questions you’d like to ask before you make a decision on becoming a patient. Dr. Banik has set aside time to speak with new potential patients to decide if she is the best doctor for you.